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[How Do You Know If You Need a Locksmith?]

[If you try all of these tips and still can’t unlock your lock, it may be time to call us.]

[Check for a spare]

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[Look in all of your hiding spots to make sure you don’t already have a spare key lying around.]

[Try Remote Functions]

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[Many modern cars allow you to unlock the door as well as start the car if the remote key fob is placed nearby. So, check whether the remote key fob is in the car and it is close enough to allow you to disengage the lock.]

[Lubricate the Lock]

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[Key not going in or getting stuck? Try lubricating the lock.]


[Need a new deadbolt? We’ve got one just for you.]



[We take care of all of your keypad lock and other commercial needs.]



[Locked out of your car again? No problem we’ve got you covered.]